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Mission & Values

Mission and Values

CorpMoon's commitment to managing responsibly is grounded in the firm's Statement of Values which emphasizes the cultural and business principles by which the firm stands:
  • Trust and Integrity are the foundation of all of our actions.
  • Responsibility is first and foremost to our clients who have entrusted us with their capital and also positively contributing towards a more sustainable world for future generations.
  • Transparency and Clarity are central to our relationships with our clients and the way we work within our firm.
  • Open-mindedness and Independence of thought, combined with analytical rigor, are critical in developing and applying our investment insights.
  • Respect for others and Diversity of opinion allows us to challenge and sharpen our perspective, helping us to make the best decisions and achieve the best outcomes.
  • Collaboration and Teamwork are central to how our investment ideas are formed and translated into investment actions. Our Passion for investing and our pursuit of Excellence compels us towards the achievement of long-term investment success for our clients.